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Clarity Connect Admin - How Calls Are Routed In Clarity Connect

How calls are routed in Clarity Connect

To have an understanding of what factors Clarity Connect takes into consideration when routing a call, please see the below guidelines.  

How it works

Initially, Agents become available in Connect based on their Skype for Business/ Lync presences. 

1.   When routing calls, Connect chooses among all Agents who are available

2.   From all the available Agents, Connect chooses the Agent who has the highest skill level

     *Please note that 1st Level is the highest skill level.

3.   If two available Agents have the same skill level, the routing algorithm determines to whom the call is routed based on the last time each agent answered a session

      **Please note that Clarity Connect does not look into longest available time when routing sessions, as agents may take advantage of this and toggle their presence to avoid calls. 


Optionally, customer can choose a Preferred or Required agent in the IVR, if configured. 


When to Contact Support

Contact Support if you have any further questions.