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Clarity Connect Admin - Create/Edit An Agent Profile


This article provides instruction on how to create and edit Agent Profiles in Clarity Connect



URL for Clarity Connect
Admin credentials for Clarity Connect
Appropriate agent information

How to create an Agent Profile

  1. Open Internet Explorer (IE)
  2. Enter the Clarity Connect URL in the address bar (usually
  3. Sign in with admin credentials                                                                                                         ClarityAC001.png
  4. Mouse over "Agent Management"
  5. Select "Agent Profiles"                                                                                                               reso2.png
  6. Select "Create"                                                                                                                              reso3.png
  7. The next steps will review all the listings for creating an Agent Profile, however only the fields are required
  8. First Name: Enter the desired first name
  9. Last Name: Enter the desired last name
  10. Team: Select appropriate team (optional, reporting)
  11. Suspended? Puts agent into a suspended state, "disabling" the current skill assignments (optional)
  12. Termed? This is selected if the agent is no longer active (optional)
  13. Proxy Direct Calls? This is selected if outbound and direct to agent calls will be captured by Clarity (optional)
  14. Recording Rule: Select appropriate recording option (optional)
  15. Public Name: Display name used by Clarity
  16. Email: Email address of agent
  17. Login Id: This is the SAM account for the Lync/S4B user
  18. Bandwidth Utilization Percent: Check the boxes to use custom values, these will determine how many Calls/IMs/Emails the agent can work at the same time, values over 100 will cause routing failures to the agent.
  19. Phone Number: This will be the users Lync/S4B DID
  20. Sip URI: This is the Lync/S4B user name formated ""                                          
  21. Exclude from Reports: Check to exclude from reports (optional)
  22. Eligible for Additional Roles: This is selected if the agent will have an additional roll, e.g. admin, supervisor, call flow editor (optional)
  23. SKILL TEMPLATE: Templates in this list will pre-populate SKILL ASSIGNMENT values
  24. SKILL ASSIGNMENTS: These values will determine what Calls/IMs/Emails will route to the Agent
  25. Once Agent Profile is complete, click "Save"



How to edit an Agent Profile

  1. See create an Agent Profile steps 1-5
  2. Search for the Agent in question and the "Pencil"
  3. Update the appropriate listing, see create an Agent Profile steps 8-24 as needed
  4. Click "Save"