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Clarity Connect Admin - Clarity Presence Issues

Troubleshooting agent presence in Clarity

This document addresses inconsistent presence in Clarity Connect. 

Distinguishing agent presence/ call routing issues from incorrect graphical content on the Dashboard

If you see that agent's presence is not updating correctly on the Dashboard, in comparison with their Skype for Business client, first try to determine the scope of the issue. 

Confirm if the calls are not routing to agents, or if this issue is graphical only, as in Dashboard is showing incorrect information but call routing is not affected?

To help with this decision, navigate to the Agent Rescue page on the Admin Console and confirm if agents' statuses are correct in comparison with their Skype for Business presences. Check with agents to confirm they receiving calls normally.

  • In case the Agent Rescue is showing correct agent presence, and agents are receiving calls as expected, then you can conclude the issue is Dashboard related. Perform browser troubleshooting.
  • If the calls are not routing due to an incorrect presence, attempt the following steps: 

If a single agent or a small group of agents: 

  1. Have the agent toggle their status to Busy, then back to Available. 
  • When doing so, the Agent's Skype for Business client will send a new SIP SERVICE message to the Front End Pool which will then (BE)NOTIFY Clarity Connect of the presence change.
  1. Suspend the agent, then un-suspend him/ her. 
  • Suspending the Agent will close the presence subscription to the Agent. While un-suspending him will re-establish the subscription channel.

If many/ all agents are affected: 

  1. Navigate to the Agent Rescue page and select 'Reset Agent Presence'. This action will re-create the presence subscription
  2. Using the same page, clear any potential stuck sessions. 
  3. If the issue persists, contact Support.