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Clarity Connect Admin - Agent Not Receiving Inbound Calls


If a user in clarity connect is unable to receive inbound calls there are a few things you'll want to check. 

Make sure that the users presence is set to "Available" in their Skype for Business Client. 


If you have confirmed the user's presence is as Available we'll need to review the Skill assignments for the user in Clarity Connect. 
Log into the customer's Clarity Connect Admin Portal by navigating to

Once you have logged into the Admin Account navigate to the Agent Management and click on the Agent Profiles option from the drop down. 


From the Agent Management screen locate the user in question. From the Actions column click on the Edit button reso3.jpg
From the Edit Agent Profile screen confirm that the user does not have the Suspended or Termed option checked. 

From the Agent Management screen we'll also want to confirm which Skill Assignments the user is meant to have, and that the skill level is correct. 
This can be adjusted by selecting the correct skill level from the Skill Assignment drop  down menu.
If a user is still unable to receive calls after verifying the information above, determine if the user is able to receive normal Skype for Business calls outside of the Clarity Connect call flow, gather a recent call example, and contact the support team for further assistance.