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Clarity Connect Admin - Agent Console Long Loading Time

Agent Console takes 25 seconds or more to load.

Version of Clarity Connect

2.x, 3.x, 4.0

Administrative access to Connect Admin Console (Admin Website).

Resolution Time

5 minutes.


Root Cause

Agent Console may take a long time to load, approximately 20 - 25 seconds, in some cases when Agents are using IP desk phones along with their workstations to answer calls. This happens because the notification from the desk phone, indicating that it only supports audio, has not arrived by the time Connect sends the message to activate the Agent Console.

Steps to Recreate




To resolve this issue, add a short delay before Connect sends the Agent Console activation message. 

1.   Navigate to Connect Admin Console (Admin Website). 

For Connect version 3.2 and 4.0, navigate to Maintenance > Advanced settings. 
For Connect version 3.1, navigate to Portal Maintenance > Master settings.

2.   Modify the BackendImInviteDelayMs setting to the desired value. 

This setting determines the delay in milliseconds that will be added before the Agent Console activation message is sent. We recommend trying with 5000 milliseconds, and then increasing or decreasing setting value from there if you continue experiencing issues.