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CT Cloud Contact Center - Intermedia (FKA Telax) License Order Process


Process below outlines what is needed to order new or additional Intermedia (FKA Telax) licenses.

Process for new licenses

1. Once IPM receives a new project that includes Intermedia licenses, an equipment order needs to be created and assigned to Logisitics, and include the following info:

a. Customer Name

b. License type - Silver, Gold or Platinum

c. License count

2. Logistics will send a quote request to Metaswitch for licenses

3. Metaswitch will provide a quote, which we (CallTower) need to sign. Currently, Ryan Penrod is signing these quotes.

4. Signed quote is returned to Logistics and a PO created.

5. Logisitics sends signed quote and PO to Metaswitch for processing.

6. Metaswitch orders the licenses from Intermedia.

7. Intermedia sends CallTower (either Logistics or IPM or CT Cloud Engineer) notification that order has been received.

8. CallTower asks Intermedia to activate all licenses on date as determined by customer/IPM/CT Cloud Engineer.

9. Intermedia then activates all licenses and notifies customer, typically via email.

10. CallTower IPM or CT Cloud Engineer notifies the customer that licenses are active and ready for use.


***Once licenses are activated by Intermedia, they immediately begin billing CallTower for the licenses, and we in turn then begin billing the customer for those licenses. As such, activation of licenses needs to be coordinated with the customer and billing commencement communicated to the customer***


Process for additional licenses

Very similar to the above, except the equipment order may created and assigned to Logisitcs by an Account Manager, CT Cloud Engineer, etc.. 


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