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Icon Navigation

There are nine icons at the top right of the screen when you login. The first seven icons open a tab on the main screen, the remaining two icons (Reports and Administration) have a down arrow that when clicked displays a menu. In general the icons open tabs in the main browser. You can navigate between the tabs by clicking on the heading or by clicking on the icon both options will change the focus to the tab selected.


List of Icons:

Information Screen
The Users tab is used to Add, Update and Delete users as well as manage their user information including, Properties, Password, Group, Available services, Phone, Email and Voicemail services.
The Phone tab is used to Add, Update and Delete phones as well as manage their: Line Properties, Speed Dials and Phone Services.
The Locations tab is used to Update Location details as well as manage Hold Music and DID Locations.
The Contacts tab is used to Add, Update and Delete contacts and view their Group Membership.
The Groups tab is used to Add, Update and Delete groups as well as to manage their: Group Membership, Mailbox Permissions and Mail Aliases.
The DID List tab displays all the DID numbers, type, location and status.
The Paging Zones tab is used to add and Delete Paging Zones as well as modify Paging Zone Membership.
The Reports section is divided into two items: Call Detail and Licensing.   
The Administration section contains four items:  Corporate Administration, Support, EBill and Sign Out.   

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