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Operator Assisted - First Trust Portfolio Reservation Instructions

Reservations for First Trust Portfolios will need to be scheduled through the PGI Reservations team via (877) 257-4282. Requests will come in the following format and all specifications will be included. The Event Management Team will first ask for the client ID (4429337) and will then request meeting details. For anything that you are unsure of the Operator can refer to a past reservation and should be familiar with this account.

****If FIRM or CFP number are collected for the participant list on a passcode entry call they will not show up on the confirmation. FIRM and CFP number are custom prompts that PGI has uploaded into the passcode entry system for First Trust. You can ask the Reservationist to include the custom prompts in the confirmation or edit the confirmation once you have received it back from the reservation team.


***When introducing callers during Q & A, please announce name and firm.

***Please include all International Toll Free Dial In Numbers


Company Name* First Trust Portfolios

Call to be Booked Under Name/Client ID*4429337

Moderator’s Name* 

Speaker’s Name* 

Conference Title* 

Date of Event* 

Time of Event (specify time zone)* 

Length of Call* 

Number of Lines Required* 

Call Style: EVENT (Operator Greets each attendee and can collect data) OR Passcode Entry?: *

Pre-Conference (prior to the call): Will the speaker(s) connect to the conference 15 minutes prior to the call?*  10-15 min prior

Would you like the audio call recorded? * 

If yes, what type of file format would you like your recording in?

If MP3 is chosen, would you like standard or Priority turn around? PRIORITY (please send to and cc

Do you need a participant list needed after call?* 

If Participant List is chosen, would you like standard or priority turnaround? PRIORITY

What information would you like to include in the participant list (name, email, phone, etc.)?: 

What email address would you like the participant list sent to?: and cc

Is Q&A needed?* 

Do you need the call recorded for replay? 

If replay is chosen, would you like a replay report, and when should it be sent?  YES, at the end of the program.

If replay report is chosen, what information would you like to request? Same as the participant list (send at the end of the program to and cc

If yes, for how long?