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Level 3 Conferencing - Adding/Changing/Deleting User Accounts

GOAL: Adding/Changing/Deleting a Conference Account for Level 3 Conferencing

This article will guide you on how to add a new user, change the information on an already existing account, and how to delete an already existing account.




  1. Use the login credentials to log into the "Chairperson Login".

Home (2).PNG

  1. Click Users and Accounts

Administration (2).PNG

  1. Enter the "Company Name" for the company you are going to be adding the account to.
    • NOTE: This field is sensitive to the information you put in, so make sure the spelling is correct, otherwise you may not find it.
  2. Select the company in the box, and click select.

Administration3 (2).PNG

  1. Click the "Add a new User" link to add a new user.
    • From this page you can also look for individual accounts within the company.
      • When asking customers for conference account information, the recommendation is to request the Access Code as that is the easiest code to find, and it is unique to the account itself. You can also "Search by Last Name", however if the person has multiple accounts under their name, this will pull all accounts.
      • "Advanced Search Options" provides additional ways to search for accounts, however searching by Access Code and last name are the easiest ways to search for accounts.

Administration4 (2).PNG

  1. Fill in the information above with an * symbol next to them. See below on the details.
  2. Once filled out, click "Create User"
  3. The following page will provide a summary of the account created


  1. Click "Create a new Audio Conferencing account for this user".


  1. Click "Generate random Access Code", or, if the customer provided a requested Access Code, enter the Access Code.
  2. Click "Generate random Passcode",  or, if the customer provided a requested Chairperson Code, enter the Chairperson Code.
  3. Click "Next".


  1. Check the "Auto Continuation" box located in the top left.
  2. Click "Next"


  1. Information on the above screen can be left as defaulted, unless the customer requests otherwise.
  2. Click "Next"
  3. Click "Submit"


  1. The last page is the summary page, listing all the services that were enabled for the account.
  2. Verify all information is correct.
  3. Once confirmed, click "Email Account Information" in the top right.
  4. Fill out with the emails you are wanting the email to be sent to.


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