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Adobe Connect- Issues with using the Add-In to view a recording or access a meeting/seminar.

The following steps can be taken to resolve issues with using the Adobe Connect Add-In to view recordings or access a meeting/seminar in Chrome. The issue is related to Chrome not registering the Adobe Add in because they are trying to push companies to HTML5.

Enable Flash 

  1.    First go to settings in Chrome
  2.    Click on "Show Advanced Settings"
  3.    Under Privacy, click on the "Content Settings"
  4.    Scroll down to Flash and select "Allow Sites to run Flash"
  5.    Then click on the "Manage exceptions" box and make sure your Adobe Site is set to "Allow" 
  6.    Click "Done"

Enable "Unsandboxed plugin access"

  1. Under Privacy, click on the "Content Settings." Box
  2. Scroll down to "Unsandboxed plugin access"
  3. Select "Allow all Sites to use a plugin to access your computer"
  4. Then click on the "Manage exceptions." box under this category and make sure your Adobe Site is set to "Allow" 
  5. "Click "Done"


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