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Adobe Connect- Downloading recordings for IAPP

This article provides instructions on editing and downloading recordings for IAPP


First you will need to log into IAPP’s Adobe Connect site at the following location.

Username: privacy

Password: dcohen


Once logged in click on the seminars tab to locate the session that you would like to download. You will then click on that seminar and choose the "recordings" tab.

Once you click on the recordings tab click on the drop down box next to “actions” and choose “edit recording”. Once the Adobe Connect Add-Inn is loaded with the recording, review to make sure there is no Q&A pod. If there is a Q&A pod click on settings and check the box next to Q&A pod to hide it. Once this is complete click on “Save” on the bottom right hand corner. You will then refresh the page and click on "actions" and choose "Download Recording". Recordings should be downloaded in Mp4 format. After the edited recording is saved click on “actions” again and choose “make offline”. 

Once the recording is complete save to dropbox and send Dave Cohen, or the requestor, the dropbox link.






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