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Adobe Connect- Changing your domain name

This article provides details on processes and requirements of changing your Adobe Connect domain.


You can request that your Domain Name be changed on your Hosted Adobe Connect account. The account Administrator can open a Connect Support Case with the helpdesk and provide the new domain name. Be aware of these caveats before making this decision:


  • The domain name cannot be in use by any other Adobe Connect customer or account. 
  • Old URL doesn't redirect to the new URL. For example, if your old URL is and your new URL is, all your users must use the new URL. Any user that uses the old URL gets a "page not found" error and isn't automatically sent to the new URL.
  • Communicate the domain name change to all users of their account.
    • Make sure that you have a solid customer communication plan to ensure that all your users are aware of the change and the timeline when the change will take place.
  • Resend all future events/seminars invitations.
    • Meeting Hosts, Event, and Seminar admins must resend the invitations once the domain name change is applied to accommodate the new URL given to the Event/Seminar/Meeting/Virtual Classroom.
  • Resend standing meeting invites to update the Connect meeting room URLs.
    • Meeting hosts with standing/reoccuring meetings msut send new notifications of the domain name change and provide the new URL to their Meeting room.
  • Users that have bookmarks must update these to the new URL since redirects to new URL won't happen.
  • Rewrite any WebServices/API integrations that use the domain name in the API calls to reflect the new domain name.
    • Developers msut make any code changes that uses the old domain name and update that code with the new domain name.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that you have minimal impact to your user community when changing your Connect Domain Name.


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Example 2:

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Give some considerations such as system requirements or "gotchas" for this setting or control or programming syntax.

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