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Cisco Webex - Build User

Follow the instructions below to add a new user: 

1. Go to  and sign in with your admin credentials (which will be provided by your Project Manager (PM))


2. Once signed in, click on "Users."


3. Click "Manage users."


4. Select "Manually Add or Modify Users."


5. You will get a window that states when you build a user a welcome email will be automatically sent out to the user. Select "Next."


6. Select "Names and Email addresses" and enter the user's first and last name along with their email address then press the "+" button. You can add up to 25 users at a time.  Then press "Next."



7. Verify user information is correct and press "Next."


8. Make sure "Basic Messaging" and "Call on WebEx (1:1 call, non-PSTN)" is selected. Then click "Add Users."


9. The next window will let you know if your user was added successfully. If you get an error, please make sure the user you are adding has not used their email for other WebEx services, even the free WebEx. Have them delete all WebEx services from their account then do the steps above to add them again.


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