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Cisco Webex Receptionist - Getting Started


The Receptionist Client is a web-based tool that combines your desk phone with a desktop interface and enables you to process calls to users within your organization. You can screen incoming calls, manage calls and contacts, and monitor calls in a queue.

Sign In to the Dashboard

Access Receptionist from the Calling User Portal. Once signed in, the display panes in the dashboard allow you to:

  • View global messages, application settings, and information about your user account and call state.

  • View and change your current settings.

  • View and manage active calls from the calls console.

  • Create and manage contacts.

  • Monitor and manage queued calls from the queued calls pane.


Go to and select Webex Calling.


From the Calling User Portal, go to My Apps.


Click Receptionist.


Choose the Cisco sign-in option.

Take a look at the video below on how to sign in to Receptionist and get a glimpse of the portal.

Manage Your Contacts

You can create and manage contacts within Receptionist to easily make calls to stored numbers. Once you create a contact, you can update, delete, monitor a contact statically (used if you monitor the same contacts daily), monitor a contact dynamically (used to view selected contacts on an as-needed basis), and add a note to the contact.

The maximum number of contacts you can monitor statically is 200. The maximum number of contacts that can be monitored dynamically is 100.




From the contacts pane, select the Personal tab.


Click the Edit icon to add, update, or delete a personal contact.


To add a note to a contact, select the contact and click Notes.


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