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Cisco Webex - Add a Location In Control Hub

CISCO WEBEX- Adding a Location in Control HUb

To add a single location, follow the steps below.

Before you begin

If you're using Webex Calling, see Configure Webex Calling for your organization.


Sign in to Control Hub, then under Management, select Locations.


Click Manage location > Create manually.


Enter the following information about the location:

·         Location Name (Required)—Enter a unique name to identify the location.

·         Country/Region (Required)—Select a country for this location. For example, you can create a Headquarters location in the United States and a Branch location in the United Kingdom. The country you select determines the address fields that follow.

·         Street Address (Required)—Enter the location's street address.

o    If the system recognizes the street address you've entered, a list of suggested addresses is shown. Select one of the addresses from the list to display a map.

o    You can then move the pin to select a spot on the map. When you move the pin, it updates the location information.

o    The map only displays if you select an address from the list; if the address you entered is not recognized by the system, you can save this location, but the map won't display.

·         City/Town—Enter a city for this location.

·         State/Province/Region—Select a state, province, or region from the drop-down list.

·         ZIP/Postal Code—Enter the ZIP or postal code.

·         Announcement Language—Select the language for audio announcements and prompts for new users and features.

·         Email Language—Select the language for the email communication with new users.

·         Time zone—Select the time zone for the location.


Add floors to the location you just created. You can also add floors later in either of the following ways:

·         Follow the steps in Manage locations to add a floor.

·         After you click Create in the next step, click Add floor in the What's next? window.


Click Create to finish creating the location. A unique Location ID is generated by Webex.

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