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Cisco Voice - What Is A Cisco Voice

What is Cisco Voice? 

Cisco Voice is a unified communications/telephony service provided to clients for business needs. 

Cisco Services 

When utilizing Cisco voice our customers may expect one if not all of the following features: 

  1. Visual Voicemail: Visually review messages on phones with supported displays, allowing users to select which messages to open
  2. Cisco Unity Connection: For Auto Attendants and Voicemail
  3. Unity Voicemail: Easier CallTower Connect provisioning and scheduling, plus scheduled Call Routing
  4. Custom Phone Wallpaper
  5. Dial Plan Enhancements: Enables 10-digit dialing, placing a call directly from Missed Calls and Received Calls without edits
  6. Improved Fraud: Admins can block calls to certain territories on a country-by-country basis
  7. Busy Lamp: Combining speed dial and line presence, see which lines on your system are free
  8. Enhanced Dial Plan Flexibility: Choose which dial-out number to use, or no number at all
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