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Cisco Unity - Reset Voicemail password


This guide provides an overview on how to implement a Voicemail PIN change for CUCM/Unity Customers. 


  1. Navigate to the customer account in Salesforce & review the Special Handling Notes (SHN). 
  2. RDP to the Unity Address supplied in the account SHN. 
  3. Once logged in, open the System Administrator icon located on the desktop. 
  4. Once this is opened and the webpage opens, navigate to the Subscribers 
  5. Once the Subscriber link is selected, we may now search for the extension we wish to change. 
  6. You may search through many means to find this extension or user. 
  7. Once you find and select the user/extension to change, navigate to Phone Password
  8. Reset the Phone Password (Voicemail PIN)
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