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Cisco Unity - Basics

1. The process for uploading audio files to Unity.

To upload/download audio from the Unity servers you will need to use the following in your file explorer:
\\(IP of the unity server)\c$\Documents and Settings\(FirstInitialLastName)\Desktop

\\\c$\Documents and Settings\kbrown\Desktop


To allow the file explorer to work correctly you will have to enable a Windows feature called SMB


Once that feature is enabled you would then be able to paste that file path in your file explorer and then use your Creds to login to the unity server. 

From there you can just drag and drop from your personal machine to the desktop of the server. 

Call path/ updating an existing script

The easiest way to find where something is built in Unity is to follow the call path begriming in Call Manager. 
If the main line 8885551234 translates to the extension 1234 in Call Manager, then finding what is Built in Unity is pretty easy. 
When the extension 1234 goes to voicemail it will either follow a routing rule or follow a Subscriber/Call Handler


2. Locating a specific Auto Attendant for a client 
3. Updating the schedule.
4. Modifying an existing script /call tree. 

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