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ATA - 186 Configure/Check The IP Address

The following steps allow you to check the IP address or configure an ATA 186 using an analog phone connected to the device:

Configure the Cisco ATA 186 through the IVR

Complete these steps in order to configure the Cisco ATA 186 through the IVR:

  1. Connect an analog touch-tone phone to the port labeled PHONE 1 on the back of the Cisco ATA 186.
  2. Pick up the handset on the phone, and then press the Clear function button on top of the Cisco ATA 186.

You should hear the initial IVR prompt.

Note: The IVR cannot be used or heard if your phone is connected to the second port on the Cisco ATA labeled PHONE 2.

  1. You are prompted to enter a menu number followed by the # key. Key in the menu number using the touch-tone pad.

This table lists the menu options that you need in order to configure basic IP connectivity to the Cisco ATA:

IVR Menu Number



IP Address (StaticIP)


Default Gateway (StaticRoute)


Subnet Mask (StaticNetMask)

20 (0 = Disable, 1 = Enable)

DHCP (Dhcp)


Check IP Address

Note: Press the * key to indicate a delimiter (dot). For example, 192*168*3*1 is used to enter an IP address on the touchpad.

Note: When you enter values for a field that is in hexadecimal, you must convert these values to decimals in order to enter it into the IVR system. For example, to enter the hex value 0x6A, key in the number 106 in the IVR.

  1. Press the # key after you have entered the value. If you do not press #, the system automatically times out after ten seconds.

You hear a recording of the value you entered, followed by a request to press one of these keys:

  • 1—Change your entered value.
  • 2—Review your entered value.
  • 3—Save your entered value.
  • 4—Review the current saved value.
  1. After you complete the configuration through the IVR, press the # key to exit.



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