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ASA - Information

What is an ASA used for? 

Calltower has 4 ways for Cisco devices to register.

  • Circuit
  • VPN
  • Edge
  • ASA

ASA's are usually used when a company has multiple people at a site that have phones and want to connect to us. It's recommended for a location that has 5+ more people to have an ASA.

How to know if someone is on an ASA? 

End users don't always know if they are behind an ASA so we can look it up ourselves.

1. In Connect bring up the company.
2. Go to Corporate Administration, then SOHO Devices.
The serial number and more importantly the location of where the ASA is at is there.


Note: ASA's can not work unless they are in Connect so they will always be listed in Connect.

The other way for us to possibly find out is the IP address of the phone. It will be 172.16.252.X and when you click on the
IP address of the phone you won't be able to connect to it. VPN phones you can.


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