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Cisco Jabber - Quick Reference Guide

Jabber Quick Reference Guide


  1. Presence
  2. Menu
  3. Search or Call Bar
  4. Contacts
  5. Recent Calls
  6. Meetings
  7. Custom Groups
  8. Phone Controls

Incoming Calls:


When you receive an incoming call, you can reply with a chat message, answer the call, or decline the call.


Making a call:

To call people, you can:

• Enter their phone number in the search or call bar

• Right-click over the name in your contact list

• Select the Call icon in the chat window with the user


Call Controls:

Call controls let you do the following:

• Go full screen

• Show self-view

• Open a keypad to enter digits

• Mute your audio

• Adjust volume

• Access the following additional controls:

– Hold calls

– Transfer calls

– Merge calls

– Create conference calls

• End calls



This will be linked to your calendar but you can also create your presence by double-clicking on the box.


You can access your options and preferences for Jabber to customize how our client behaves:

• From the client, select Menu>File>Options

• Select any tab in the Options menu to make your choices


Search or Call Bar:

• Add people to your contact list by searching for them in your organization. Once they are part of your contact list, you can easily double-click on their names to start a phone call or chat.

  • In the client window, start typing the person’s name to search the directory, or enter the user name directly if you know it.
  • Hover over the name to add it to a group (You can also create a new group to add the contact to), you can start a chat or a call.

Chat Options:

• In a chat you can:

  • Send a screen capture
  • Send a file
  • Insert an emoticon
  • Edit the font size and color
  • Add participants to create a group chat


Start a Group Chat:

Easily start a group chat with two or more of your contacts:

• On a group, right-click and select Chat


Use my computer for calls:

• You can tell Jabber to send calls to your computer or phone:

  • From your client window, open the phone controls drop-down menu
  • Select your preference


Forward Calls:

To avoid missing calls when you are not at your desk, you can forward calls to another phone number.

• From your client window, open the phone controls drop-down menu

• Select Forward Calls to and specify the phone number.

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