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Cisco Jabber - Install With UPN Discovery Disabled

How to install Jabber with UPN Discovery disabled


Some users use a domain controller which will auto populate the users windows domain username into Jabber.  This can cause problems in scenarios where the Jabber username differs from their windows domain username.   This document documents the process for disabling UPN discovery.


Process for existing Jabber installation. 

1) Open a text editor such as notepad +. The text editor should have administrator permissions.  You can give it administrator permissions by opening it by right clicking it and selecting run as administrator and then clicking yes on the user account control window that pops up.

2) Open the following file

C:\ProgramData\Cisco Systems\Cisco Jabber\

3) On line 30 replace this text 'NOT_SPECIFIED', with this text 'upnDiscoveryEnabled: false'

4) If Jabber is running, sign out, and click reset Jabber

5) Run jabber again and confirm you can login.


Process for new Jabber installation 

Note: This will only work on a machine that has never had jabber installed before.  Confirm by checking to see if the following file exists.  

'C:\ProgramData\Cisco Systems\Cisco Jabber\'

1) Place the CiscoJabberSetup.msi installation file in the C:\WINDOWS\system32 directory.  The installation file must be named 'CiscoJabberSetup.msi'  It is case sensative.

2) Run command line as administrator.

3) Install Jabber using the following command.

msiexec.exe /i CiscoJabberSetup.msi UPN_DISCOVERY_ENABLED=false CLEAR=1

4) Follow the normal installation process.

5) Open the following file with a text editor and confirm that line 30 is set to 'upnDiscoveryEnabled: false'

6) Start jabber and sign in with any valid account.


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