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Cisco HCS - Lab Access Policies And Guidelines

The Cisco HCS lab is available for the technology teams to test upgrades, and changes before implementing changes in the production environment and for tier 3 support to replicate customer reported problems and test fixes. This guide provides an overview of product features and related technologies. In addition, it contains recommendations on best practices, tutorials for getting started, and troubleshooting information for common situations.

LAB ACCESS:  Access to the lab is available via RDP to, or via VPN at  Credentials to those systems are provided to members of the technology teams and CallTower tier 3 support.  Members of other departments are not authorized to access the lab. 

The lab is not authorized for demonstration of CallTower services to customers.  If a demonstration account is needed, it should be built in the production environment. 

Phone Registration:  Remote phone registration is available through Cisco MRA via a pair of Cisco expressway servers.

Soft Client registration: Cisco Jabber clients are able to register with CallManager for IM&P in addition to phone registration through a pair of Cisco Expressway servers

Change Log:  Any changes to the lab environment should be recorded on the change log available on Sharepoint. 

The following fields should all be recorded in the log:

  • Name: Name of the person making the change
  • Server accessed:  The hostname of the server where the change is being made
  • Date: The date of the change
  • Time: The Time of the change
  • Change being made:  A summary of the change being made
  • Reason for change: A summary of the reason the change is being made.
  • Ticket number if applicable:  If you are testing an issue brought up through an internal or external ticket, record the ticket number.

Upgrades:  Upgrades must be approved by the manager of the Cisco collaboration and development teams. 






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