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Cisco HCS - BLF Configuring Busy Lamp Field


To configure BLF on a Cisco device so that you can have speed dials with presence. 


1 - Go to the Phones tab in Connect then press the Add button which is the plus sign. Fill out the needed information and the field that we want to focus on is Device Template. If you want BLF enabled you need to select a template that has BLF in the name. As an example I'm going to choose Cisco Phone 8811 - 2 Line (3 BLF) which means I'll have 2 lines and 3 BLF speed dials/presence. Fill out the rest of the information and then hit save.

1a - You can also modify a phone that is currently built by selecting the phone and then clicking on the hamburger menu-Phone Properties. From here you can modify New Template and select the template you wish to apply and then hit save.

2 - Now that you have your phone built as a BLF phone if you click the hamburger menu on phone you'll notice a new section called BLF Speed Dials, click that.

3 - From here you can do two different things. You can either add a normal speed dial by putting in the Label/Number or you can add a BLF speed Dial by adding a Label/Busy Lamp. To do this press the edit/pencil icon on the right hand side of Line 1 as an example and fill out either Label/Number and/or Label/Busy Lamp which is a drop down menu of every phone that you can select from. Once done then hit the Save icon. Below is a picture of a Speed Dial on Line 1 and a BLF line on Line 2.


Please note that if you select a phone button template with BLF then you will only see other templates with BLF so be careful. To revert back you will have to delete the phone and add back into Connect.


Common issues are accidentally pressing the X button deleting your line, but as long as you don't save it won't be a problem. Just press the refresh button and it will be back how it was.


Answers the “why” for the customer. Explaining potential causes for this issue, so they can understand how to prevent this in the future, or to know how to identify when users report it. Symptoms of the issue may also be here. If a customer is asking about this what might their ultimate goal be? How do I say “no, but however”? I.E. asking about a bulk removal in 3CX, you can say no, but there is an auto purge option I could show you how to use. Link off to relevant KD as necessary.


There should be 1 to 2 videos per document. A public facing video that walks the user through the resolution from the document. Another, where applicable, that is an internal training video that’s more of a deep dive explaining the whys and hows.

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