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Cisco BOC - Account Creation

PURPOSE:  To identify product details and outline the internal process for this product.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:  Bridge Cloud Suite is our next gen attendant console for Cisco Unified Communications Manager and HCS. It offers full call control, Answer, Hold, Resume and Transfer calls easily and much more.  Bridge Cloud Suite, does not require any software installation, and is operating system agnostic. It runs in any modern browser, giving the users, and system administrators maximum ease and flexibility.

Request Access - New Customer


Go to:



When you are ready to trial a Cloud Suite solution for a customer, go to! and select “Get Started”.

1.     Request Trial Key

                                          i.    clipboard_e5d4c2ebc8a4ce4ddc3bfd4a6e1ea283a.png

2.     Schedule Installation of TAPI Connector Server:

a.    Select “Install – Cloud Suite for Cisco”

Request Access - Existing Customer


Go to:


1.     Request Access for the existing key.


a.    clipboard_eedbf7fceb6f8df53ade8f43e97c74e1b.png


2.     Verify TAPI Connector Server is ready for Cloud Suite

b.    Schedule time with Bridge Engineer to review

c.    Select “Service – Cloud Suite for Cisco”


3.     Calltower CCE will receive and review the key request and create a primary “License Manager” user based upon the information in the request. (

a.    An email will be sent to the License Manager to verify their email address and reset their password.


Salesforce Case & Connect Service Activation:


IPMs or Support will need to create a salesforce case and assign to the CCE queue. The case must contain the following: FirstName, Last Name, Email address, Customer Domain, DID, Extension, MAC address of Cisco IP Phone.

IPMs or Support will need to log into connect, enable BOC Cloud Service on the OU level as well as the individual user level for anyone login into the BOC Cloud console. **** This is important/critical as if this step is missed, the customer will not be billed.



   Follow standard support escalation path, CCE would support this product just like the legacy Bridge Operator Console.