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Cisco - Managed Voice Continuity (MVC)

Application failover solutions in the event of a down single circuit connection, emergency or natural disaster. 

Managed Voice Continuity (MVC) delivers added resilience to our client’s connectivity for the MPLS Cisco circuits. 


This product leverages the value of an existing data circuit by automatically switching the voice traffic from a downed circuit to an alternate internet data line – In other words, if a MPLS circuit goes down MVC will failover to the customer’s circuit with minimal interruption in service.

MVC expands on the traditional multi-circuit options customers can utilize to obtain high-available connectivity to a hosted voice platform. Data centers rely on a mesh of diverse carriers and circuits to ensure our systems are always available to our customers even during disasters or network outages.

Many companies are choosing to go with a bring your own bandwidth (BYOB) due for cost efficiency.  This solution does not provide failover protection.  MVC must be used with a managed MPLS Circuit to leverage a customer’s BYOB circuit as failover. MVC safeguards voice network providing a solid platform for low-latency, high-availability voice inter connectivity that ensures a stable and robust platform with crystal clear audio quality

MVC Diagram

Every client managed MPLS circuit and MVC to ensure availability of their voice uptime services.

Regardless of the provider or service type (DSL, cable, wireless) we have ability to rollover. We will not set bandwidth requirements for their Internet.  Customer can scale their Internet connection based on company size and budget.

Why should you choose MVC with every MPLS circuit? 

  • Greater Peace of Mind
  • MVC does not provide QoS, but having a CT MPLS circuit does.
  • BYOB does not provide QOS
  • Protection against network disruptions with immediate and seamless failover
  • Continuity of business-critical voice applications
  • Cost savings with low monthly fees for managed voice recovery
  • No customer intervention needed
  • Ability to failover to any internet connection – DSL, cable, wireless
  • Stay in contact with your customers during a circuit failure
  • No need to swap equipment or make changes on-site during a circuit outage

MVC Failover PDF attached below 

MVC Failover PDF.pdf

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