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CT Text for Webex- Managing Inboxes

Viewing Inboxes

To view a specific inbox, click the inbox. This will open up a side panel which will display a snapshot of information for that inbox, to view the inbox in more detail this can be opened using the expand button.

CT Admin Viewing Inboxes.gif

Editing Inboxes

To edit a single inbox, click on the inbox to open the side panel and click Edit inbox. This can also be completed with a user expanded with the Edit inbox button.

CT Admin Editing a Single Inboxes.gif


To edit multiple inboxes, check the inboxes you would like to make changes to, this will display the option for Bulk action where the following changes can be made for multiple inboxes:

  • Set email notification
  • Assign default country code
  • Enable/disable

CT Admin Editing Multiple Inboxes.gif

Deleting Inboxes

To delete an inbox, click on the inbox to open the side panel, select the ellipsis and click Delete inbox, this can also be completed with a inbox expanded using the Delete inbox button.

CT Admin Deleting a Single Inbox.gif


To delete multiple inboxes, select the inboxes by ticking them and then click the Delete button.

CT Admin Deleting Multiple Inboxes.gif

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