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CT Text for Webex- Adding a New Inbox

Adding a New Inbox

To add a new inbox to your company, click the Add New Inbox button on the Inbox tab. This will bring up the form to complete in order to add a new inbox. The mandatory fields are:

  • Inbox type

  • Display name
  • Subscription

However, there are other options available to select.

  1. Contact lookup allows you to connect the inbox to a Microsoft 365 account.
  2. Assign users allows you to assign users to the inbox.

CT Admin Adding a new  Inbox.gif

Adding a new inbox and a new user

While adding a new inbox it is possible to add a new user and assign this user to the inbox. In the new inbox form, click the + button next to the Assign User field, this will allow you to go to a new user form to complete. 

CT Admin Adding a New  Inbox and a New User.gif

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