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BOC Client Install / Configuration

This article will walk you thought the requirements to install and configure your Bridge Operator Console.



Client PC must have connectivity back to the managed Voice VLAN either via an ASA or from behind MPLS and having two network cards and two CAT5/6 cable runs. This is very important as without connectivity, the Client PC will never see the DataBase.
Client PC must also meet or exceed the following hardware requirements
Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8
.Net 4.5
Quad Core CPU or Better
2GB of Ram or Better

On the PC that the Client will be running, Download the Client.
Standalone Client 3.x for Windows (x64)

Standalone Client 3.x for Windows (x86)

Configure the BOC Client

Install the BOC client on the PC where the Console will be. 
Then Launch the Bridge Operator Console.
Bridge Operator Console 3
Click on the Settings tab on the top left of the Client GUI.
      1)Server Name or IP         - 172.16.252.XX (Customer Server IP)
      2)Server User                   - sa

      3)Server Password           - B0CC0ns0l3    (Default, no need to change)

      4)Update / Test                - Click on this.  Green check should appear.
      5)Your Extension             - Put in the Extension of the Operator user’s phone
      6)Phone                           - Select the MAC address of the phone
      7)Click Next

      8)Check I am Connected Across a Wan  
      9)Dial for Outside Line                  - 8 or 9
      10)Dial Configuration Settings>Voicemail
           Prepend Number>Change from * to #
      11)Click Next
      12)Check Disable Hangup Notification      
      13)Check Show Transfer Follow Window   
      14)Check Notes as Text

      15)Click on Finish
      16)If you are prompted to install the TSP driver, Select .

Names, Extensions and Titles should display in the bottom right of the Console.
The operator’s name and extension should show up in the top left of the console.
All Departments should also display in the Extensions Group section.

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