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MCS (MyConnection Server) Port Information

MCS (MyConnection Server) Port Information

In the event that customer are having issue with Calltower’s MyConnection Server tests, Please see the below port information as these are the ports that will need to be opened on the customers firewall.

The default ports for the various MyConnection Server test types are listed below.

For Web tests on, the only test to worry about below would be MyVoIP and MyRoute

For Access CT-2 Devices sent to customer, the customer will most likely need to open for MySpeed as well as the MyVoIP and MyRoute

MySpeed: TCP, ports 20000, 20001

MyHiSpeed: same as MySpeed above (the HiSpeed module requires use of the MySpeed module)

MyVoIP: UDP, ports 20000, 20001, TCP port 5060 (SIP test)

MyCapacity: UDP, port 8090

MyVideo: TCP, port 554

MyIPTV: UDP, ports 554, 555, 556

MyRoute: ICMP outbound - echo request; ICMP inbound - TTL expired in transit, Echo reply 

MyFirewall: UDP/TCP, these ports (or port ranges) are set in the 'custom test' option

The following ports should be opened to enable DNS lookups, reporting of host names, ISP information and country locations.

Port 43 - Whois Lookups

Port 53 - DNS Services

URL and IP information



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