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Cisco/Skype Call Quality Information Collection

This article will provide the list of information a technician will need to gather to review and resolve a Call Quality issue across the Cisco and Skype platforms.

 Required Call Example Information. 

Collect the following information. 

  1. Platform: BYOB or Circuit
  2. Calling Number: 
  3. Called Number: 
  4.  Date
  5. Time Zone
  6. Is this call inbound or outbound?
  7. When did the QOS issues start? 
  8. What type of Issue is being reported? (See list of examples below.)
  9. How many users are being impacted?
    a. If not the entire site, please provide a list of the users being impacted
  10. If the customer is BYOB, have the customer perform a VOIP test using the following link.
    Senior Support should verify the results of the VOIP test.

* If this is a Serenova, or Clarity Connect customer, a session ID, and description of the issue or symptoms will be needed. Any of the above additional information can be useful but not required. 

Examples of QOS issues.

A few examples of QOS or Call Signaling issues can be as follows. 

  • Intermittent Call Drops
  • Interference
  • Crosstalk, or hearing hold music while talking. 
  • One way audio. (Intermittent or constant)
  • Choppy Audio
  • Robotic/Chipmunk calls


QOS Cases for XO. 

We route calls through XO on Inbound calls only.  If you have a QoS case where you need to open with XO then please use the below circuit ID when opening.