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CT Internal - Download and Run the MCS Remote Agent for PC


Before you start the test please make note of the computer name, as well as the time and date the test started. 
The Support team will need this information to locate the report created by this utility.

Downloading the MCS Remote Agent 

1. Navigate your browser to the correct test for your needs. 

The three tests below are for Skype and Cisco customers in the Salt Lake City data center.

We also have test that point directly to the Atlanta servers for those Skype customers on the Atlanta data center. 


2. Click on the download option that matches your Operating System. 

3. The download should start automatically. Depending on your browser you will be provided with options on how to proceed with your download. 

Microsoft Edge






4. Find the rta.exe program wherever your browser saves its downloads. (Windows will default to the “This PC > Downloads” folder.)

5. Click on the rta.exe file to run the Remote Agent.

6. The Remote Agent will automatically start its tests. (1 test run every 15 minutes)


7. Allow the tests run as long as needed. 

8. Once the tests have been run, click on "Shut Down." This will populate a confirmation message. 


9. Click Yes to finish your tests.

10. Once the test has been completed, follow up with your support contact and they will review the report to assist in identifying any issues effecting your service. 

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