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Billing Process for Support

Billing Process for MACD Cases


EVERY MACD case must go to billing for review of the changes. This is to ensure quantities are accurately updated in the billing system. Failure to send MACD cases to billing may result in formal action against the offending individual. 

Before you close your MACD case (Support or Provisioning):

  • A child case (the original MACD case request is the parent)  must be created, filled out and sent to the billing queue. You cannot complete this without a parent case in SF. 
  • The child Case Information Section
    • Record Type - Billing
    • Status - New
    • Type - MACD Billing Update
    • Priority - 4
    • Case Origin - Internal
    • Account Name - Must match the account on the parent
    • Location - Must match the location on the parent
    • Department - Billing
  • Description Information
    • Subject - Billing Update or the parent case subject 
    • Description - Billing Update or the parent case description or a copy of a completed billing template
  • MACD Information
    • Billing Change Type - Select appropriate options
      • Add/Remove Location
      • Add Equipment
      • Remove Equipment
      • Change User Type
      • Add User Account
      • Remove User Account
      • Add Services
      • Remove Services
    • Support Provisioning Fee Qty - Quantity of Provisioning Fee 15 Min Units
      • This is the number of 15 min intervals (rounding up) it took to complete the request for the customer. Actual time to complete the request, does not include time required to gather information or have customer test and is very different than the case resolution time. Any request taking more than 5 hours (20 Provisioning Fee 15 Min Units) needs a quote from account management with an SOW. 
    • Billing Notes - Completed Billing Template (See Billing Template section below)
    • Ordered DID Qty - Quantity of DIDs ordered
    • Ported DID Qty - Quantity of DIDs ported
    • DID Removed from OU Qty - Quantity of DIDs removed from an account

Billing Template:


Billing Summary Template


Billing Summary: (Enter a Brief description of changes e.g. added phones to OU, added users, etc)

Date(s) work was completed: 

Connect Location(s) and Billing ID(s): 

MPOC who approved it:

Expedited: (Yes or No)

See USER/PHONE Types for client in account SHN for User and Phone types.

Phone(s)/Equipment shipped or returned: (Enter Y/N and Model/Count)

New users built: (Enter what user type and count, and which location if multiple locs involved)

Users deleted: (Enter what user type and count, and which location if multiple locs involved)

User-Type Changed: (Enter what user type and count, and location if multiple locs involved)

Services added or removed from existing users: (Enter which services and how many users for each, the date, and the location if multiple locs involved)

Licensing Changes: (E.g. upgrading an ASA from 10-Device to 50-Device; upgrading Lync User Conference Participant Max)

Locations added or removed from the OU: (List the Connect Location Names and BillingIDs)

Phone(s)/Equipment added or removed from the OU: (If yes, how many? If added, were they added as Available Inventory or Assigned to a User? Adding phones as 'Available'--and not subsequently assigned to a user--won't trigger a line access license in Connect.)


Billing Summary CT Cloud:

Work Done:  


MPOC who approved: 

Date completed - 

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