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CallTower Solutions Center

Afterhours Escalation

After Hours Escalation Process

The Process below will be followed for any Priority 2 or higher issues that occur after hours. Cell phone numbers can be located in CallTower Connect. If there is no response from the contacts below, please escalate issue using the support escalation path.

Contact Process No response after 15 Minutes
On Call technician Diagnose issue and make initial contact.   
Tier 2 Engage coworkers as needed for issues outside of area-of-expertise engage Tier 3 and On call Manager
Tier 3 Determine if additional resources are needed.  Call On Call Manager
ASE Hosting (SFB/Password sync) Place ticket in ASE queue. Send email to Call James Dastrup
ASE Infrastructure (Clarity/Verba) Place ticket in ASE queue. Send Email to Call James Dastrup
CCE Place ticket in CCE queue.  Call Dave Allem/ Mark Harris
Dev Place ticket in Dev queue. Call Jim Middleton Call Doug Larsen/Jeff Roth
NET Place ticket in NET Queue. Call Paul Tharp Call Chris Taylor
Circuit (Appia Legacy) Place ticket in NET Queue, Call Jeff Ashmann, then Jack Barrett Call Jeff Schroeder
Meta Hosted Pat McCloud or Pat Davis Call Ryan Penrod
Server Pat McCloud Call Ryan Penrod
SIP Ryan Penrod or Jason Murley Call Jeff Schroeder
Telecom/CLEC Place ticket in Telecom/CLEC queue and call Lisa  


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