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CallTower Solutions Center

Afterhours Escalation

After Hours Escalation Process

The Process below will be followed for any Priority 2 or higher issues that occur after hours. 

Contact Process No response after 15 Minutes
On Call technician Diagnose issue and make initial contact.   
Tier 2 Engage coworkers as needed for issues outside of area-of-expertise engage Tier 3 and On call Manager
Tier 3 Determine if additional resources are needed.  Call On Call Manager
ASE Hosting (SFB/Password sync) Place ticket in ASE queue. Send email to Call James Dastrup
ASE Infrastructure (Clarity/Verba) Place ticket in ASE queue. Send Email to Call James Dastrup
CCE Place ticket in CCE queue.  Call Dave Allem/ Mark Harris
Dev Place ticket in Dev queue. Call Jim Middleton Call Doug Larsen/Jeff Roth
NET Place ticket in NET Queue. Call Paul Tharp Call Chris Taylor