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Skype 4B with SalesForce

SalesForce Integration Logon Instructions

  1. Login into your SalesForce account
  2. In the top right hand corner where you name is listed select the “My Settings” link
  3. Select “Personal” tab on the left hand side menu
  4. Select “Reset my Security Token”
  5. Select  Reset “Security token button”
  6. You will receive an email that will look like the following:

We've sent you a new Salesforce security token because you recently changed your password or requested to reset your security token. Use this updated security token with API or desktop clients that require it.
Security token (case-sensitive): U2iHhGpMg3kY891hYNcoFfgrQ
For more information on using your security token, see Reset Your Security Token at

  1. Download the SalesForce Plugin: Please note the download could take a couple of minutes. If you have updates pending you may have to restart your computer.

  1. Once computer is restarted go into your download folder and select the zip folder Telephone Integration Client
  2. When you arrive to the login screen enter the following info:

a. Login Name-This should be your current Salesforce login, i.e. your email address

b. Enter your password which will be security token received from your email. In this case you would enter your current Salesforce password and then copy and paste in the security token. Make sure there are no spaces between your password and the security token!


Configuring Windows for Integration

1. After install you will receive the following error:



1. In the Search web and Windows type in “Phones and modem”


1. Enter in your area code and save.

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