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Salesforce: Terminate Contacts/MPOCS

GOAL: Terminate a contact/MPOC in Salesforce

Terminating a contact/MPOC in Salesforce is done when a person no longer works for a company. This is to be sure they are not able to open tickets, make requests for the account, or access Calltower Salesforce.



1. Navigate to the contact you wish to terminate. This can be done in Salesforce Lightning by typing the contact name in the universal search bar. 


2. Click the contact to open the contact's page.

3. In order to terminate the contact, set the status to "Inactive".


4. You will also change the "Contact Type" field from its current setting (usually Technical MPOC) to "Inactive Agent". 


5. It is also good practice to delete the contact information like phone number and email.


  1. Contacts cannot be deleted outright. This is for tracking information on tickets (e.g. a customer wants to know who made a request that affected their bill.)
  2. If an MPOC is terminated/made inactive, please review their Special Handling Notes and remove mention of them there.



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