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Salesforce: Edit Physical Location

GOAL: How to update a physical location for a customer

Physical location updates should be completed when a customer moves a location to a new address.



1. Verify with the customer that they have moved. Ask for the previous and new address for comparison. (Note: physical address and shipping address are different fields in Salesforce. Be sure to verify if shipping and physical address information is the same or different).

2. Navigate to the location page in Salesforce. Verify the "Type" is location and not "Account"


2. Navigate to the "911 Physical Address" field.


3. Double click a field(or single click the pencil on the right side of the field) to begin to edit the fields. Update according to the customers new address.

4. Shipping address will be found a bit further down the page. Regardless if the shipping address is the same as the physical address or not, that information must be filled in as well.



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