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Salesforce: Communicate with customer via salesforce email tool

GOAL: To show steps on sending emails via Salesforce



Steps for initial email:

1. Open a case you wish to send communication on.

2. You will navigate to the "Emails & Actions" tab.


3. From there, under the "Create Email" sub tab, you will click  clipboard_e3315b9dfafb9cfd1ee4eeea54cdb1b3a.png

4. Verify the contacts in the To, cc, bcc fields are correct. Update the subject field to include the customer's case number, and summary of the ticket (e.g. Case 518620: Test Case). Type your desired email and click send.

Check out this Video

Check out this video:

Steps to respond to an email:

1. Open the case you wish to send communication on.

2. Navigate to the "Emails" table on the side of the page.


3. Click the email to which you wish to respond; oftentimes, the most recent email listed at the top. You can click "View All" if you wish to review other emails attached to that case.

4. It will open a new tab to view the email. To reply, click either "Reply" or "Reply All" in the top right of the page. Under no circumstances should you delete an email from Salesforce.


5. In the bottom-right of the page, the email field will open. Add any additional contacts you may need, type your email, and click send.


Check out this Video

Check out this video:



If you want to use Outlook as your primary email tool and wish for it to log to Salesforce, you can either:

1. Use the Salesforce Outlook plugin.

2. Put the case's reference tag in the subject of your email, and cc


If any error is received, send an email to

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