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Install and Set Up Salesforce for Outlook


User must have a valid Salesforce user license and a valid copy of Microsoft Outlook.

Users must download the plugin prior to these steps.  To do this follow this article:  ​

  1. Open the installation file you downloaded and saved, and complete the installation wizard.
  2. Open Microsoft® Outlook®. The setup wizard opens, and the Salesforce for Outlook icon () appears in your system tray. If the wizard doesn’t open, you can start it manually. Just right-click  and click Settings.
  3. If you need to log in to a Salesforce site other than the default, click Change URL and pick the server to which you want to connect. If the server you want isn’t listed, select Other... and enter the URL, such as a custom domain used by your organization.
  4. Enter your Salesforce username and password.
  5. Click Approve. This creates a secure connection between Outlook and Salesforce. You won’t need to log in again unless you encounter an error.
  6. Click Next, and review the sync directions set up by your administrator. If you need to select different folders where your Outlook items will sync, click Change Folder and select ones that are within your default folders or the main Mailbox folder. 
  7. Click Next, and then select your sync method.
  • Choose to sync all of your contacts, events, and tasks. You’ll mark items you don’t want to sync with the “Don’t Sync withSalesforce” category in Outlook.
  • Choose to sync individual contacts, events, and tasks. You’ll mark items you want to sync with the “Sync with Salesforce” category in Outlook.


8. Click Next, and then select the kinds of private items you want to sync.


Click Save. A welcome message appears at the system tray icon (), which is now active. If you’re configured to sync Outlook items, and you chose Sync Only the Outlook Items I Select for your sync method, all items in the folders you chose sync automatically. The icon spins during every sync cycle.