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Century Link/Level 3 MPLS - CUG/VRF Presales Requirements

As of July 2018 and subject to change during the integration of CenturyLink and former Level 3. Moving forward whenever we get a customer from Century or Level 3, we need to get a confirmation from the customer or their account team (Sales Engineer or Technical Team especially). If the customer is on the former CenturyLink MPLS (ASN 209), then BAU (business as usual) process for legacy CenturyLink. If on Legacy Level 3 (ASN 3549) for MPLS, the customer must have no sites using “Pipeline” as the ordering system on the network. Pipeline sites or entire MPLS network ordered through Pipeline will not support VRF/CUG’s that are not associated with the customer’s BUSORG (business org account). Calltower’s VRF/CUG cannot be associated on those IPVPN ports. Also, if the customer is on former TW Telecom MPLS (ASN 4323), the same guidance applies. In each of these cases, there will need to be further discussions on design and some customization required to provide our services