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BRCC Support Process


In an effort to discontinue use of BRCC's current answering service, we will begin directing calls to the Support Line.   


All that is required for these calls, is a ticket created and assigned to the "BRCC-OpsEng" queue.  Set "Assigned Agent" = "Dispatch", and "Status" = "Dispatch".

BRCC customers are identified by selection of a BRCC Primary Service type on the Tracker Customer Record.


  • BRCC Tech Support AA– 4049611010
  • BRCC Main AA – 4049612222 (includes options for billing, sales, etc) 


When receiving a customer call requesting escalation to an oncall Engineer, and the customer record shows a BRCC Service (as shown below), please ensure the following oncall number is used: 404-323-2795

This is an oncall phone that is used instead of publishing an oncall engineer schedule.Should you receive no response after two tries to this number, escalate to 404-274-2341.

During business hours, a ring group for BRCC tech support can be utilized to reach an available engineer to take a call/ticket.  Ring group for BRCC Engineers is:  x310

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