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ANPI Account Management Escalation

Account Management Contact and Escalation Information

Main Phone


Trouble Ticket Contact






Escalation List





1st Level

Amy Hale

Account Manager

W:  217-698-2861

C:  210-884-4205

2nd Level

Julie Peterson

Customer Support Manager

W: 217-698-1531

C: 217-725-6180

3th Level

Heidi Young

VP of Customer Support

W. 217-698-2862

C: 217-494-8043


4th Level

Michael Cromwell

Chief Sales Officer

W: 214-377-0999

C: 214-316-3434


5th Level

Dave Lewis


W: 217-862-1968

C: 217-299-0663



What You Can Expect

  • An Account Manager is available to speak with you during normal business hours,
    Monday – Friday.
  • If the Account Manager is unavailable, please leave a voicemail message or press 0 for the Operator who can connect you to an available Account Manager.
  • You can expect all emails and voicemails to be returned within 24 hours.
  • You can expect daily updates to unresolved issues.
  • You may escalate at any time, by contacting the individuals, as noted above.



Necessary Ticket Information

Voice Ticket Information

  • Contact Name, Number and Email address
  • Company Ticket number (if applicable)
  • Originating and Terminating numbers
  • Date, time and time zone of the call example (all call examples must be within 24 hours)
  • Type of call (i.e. Direct Dial, Toll Free, International, Fax, etc.)
  • Trouble description and details — i.e. fast busy, dead air, recording, etc.
  • PIC Verification (either CIC code of 700 test results)/Dial-around results
    (if available)
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