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CallTower Solutions Center

ANI Networks Vendor Escalation List



Wholesale Customer Support Contact List



24x7 Customer Support Department 877-264-7264             Fax: 866-211-8022




Sherry Davidson

702-556-7178 Direct

Assistant Director, Wholesale Services

702-547-8277               2nd Level Escalation




Jeannie DiPuccio

702-480-7709 Cell/after hours

Director, Wholesale Services           

702-547-8786               3rd Level Escalation




How are we serving you?

702-525-0928 Cell/after hours

The President’s Line                      

800-704-6482               Fax: 702-547-8546



  • The Wholesale Support office is open and staffed for all general activity (questions/implementation/trouble tickets/disputes/SMS) from 5:00am to 5:00pm (Pacific) Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. (877-2647264)


  • A Wholesale Support representative is available after hours from 5:00pm to 10:00pm (Pacific) Monday through Friday for service affecting issues. (877-264-7264)


  • Service impacting issues after 10pm will route to ANI’s NOC. (877-264-7264)


Updated: 8-23-12

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