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CT Cloud Voice: 3CX - Queue changes


Provide instruction on adjusting a Call Queue in 3CX



  1. Log into the 3CX server for the client; the link will be found in the client's record under Special Handling Notes
  2. Open Call Queues on the left side menu
  3. Open the queue to which you need to make changes
    The following the tabs and information can be changed in them:
    • The General Tab allows you to adjust the following:
      • Name
      • Extension (this is automatically created when the queue is created and can only be adjusted prior to saving the queue the first time).
      • Polling Strategy
      • Ring Time
      • Add a DID to receive calls directly to this extension
      • No answer destination
      • Hold Music
      • Intro Prompt
      • Announce Queue position to caller
    • The Agents tab allows you to add and remove agents from the queue
    • Advanced (PRO) Tab allows:
      • Enable Callback
      • Wrap-up Time
      • Maximum Callers in Queue
      • SLA Time
      • Queue Recording
      • Schedule Queue Statistics Reset
    • Notifications tab allows you to add a Queue Manager and what notifications to send to those managers which include:
      • Notify Queue manager via email when SLA time has been Breached
      •  Notify Queue Manager when a Callback is made
      •  Notify Queue manager when a Callback fails
      •  Notify Queue Manager when a Queue call is lost
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