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CT Cloud Voice: 3CX - How to read 3CX Phones Tab

This article is an overview of the Phones Tab within the 3CX portal.


This guide provides an overview of the 3CX Phones tab and the uses of each feature inside the tab. 


There are many features under the phones tab. Here you can get passwords, MAC addresses, and firmware versions of all devices governed by your server. 


We will go over the second line first.


1. EXT

This refers to what extension the device in the description has assigned to it. 

2. Vendor

The make of the device

3. Model

The model of that device

4. Fw. Version

The firmware of each device. 

5. Name

This will be the label and name displayed on each device and extension. 

6. User ID

This refers to the User Name for the 3CX brower user interface.

7. Password

This is the password for the 3CX app and broswer for each extension.

8. Phone Pwd

This refers to the password of the device and its online UI (User interface) from the IP address assigned to that device. 

9. PIN

This refers to the PIN to access the extension's voice messages.

10. IP

This is the IP address assigned by the server to each device.

11. MAC

This is the MAC address for each device. It should match the MAC address on the back label of each device.  

Next will be the firsts line.


Some of these features are not used for most admins. Add Ext, Reject, and Assign Ext are done under the Extension tab; we will not cover these features in this guide. 

1. Add Phone

This feature can add a phone to an existing extension. Simply press the +Add Phone button, and a new screen will pop up to select to which extension you wish to add the phone. Have the MAC address ready for this action. 


2. Edit Ext

This feature will be grayed out until you select an extension. Once an extension is selected, this feature will become available. When pressed, it will take you to a different screen and show the features for that specific extension. 

3. Firmware

This feature will be grayed out until you select a device on the list. Once you have selected a device, you will be able to upgrade the firmware of that device automatically from the server. 

4. Reboot

You will again need to select a device before this feature will be available. Selecting this feature will remotely reboot the device that is selected. 

5. Reprovision

You to select a device before this can be selected. This will force the selected phone to pull new settings from the server. This can be useful for devices that have not updated labels or pins and passwords. 

6. Phone UI

This feature needs a phone selected. In addition, you will need to be on a device that is on the same LAN as the phone you wish to see the UI (User Interface) of.

This will allow you to get in to the device and adjust features of a phone from the inside. 

7. Password

This feature will get ride of the ****** covering the password and Phone Pwd column. This will show you the passwords for each device. 

8. Config

This feature will help the admin make adjustments to the core programming and scripts assigned to the devices. 








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