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CT Cloud Voice: 3CX - Extension Rights


Explanation of how to setup extension rights for 3cx users.



Finding The Setting
In order to setup extension rights for a user in 3CX, you will need to login to the management console and navigate to the "Extensions" tab. From there, you can select the extension you would like to edit by double-clicking on it or highlighting it and clicking "Edit." Once you are on the extension editing page, you will want to navigate to the "Rights" tab. 

Group Membership
This will show to which extension groups the extension belongs. An extension will be able to see the other extensions in their groups, and will also be able to perform some actions to these extensions.

There are two roles: The Manager role and the User role. Each role can be configured with different preset rights.

Can see group members: Allows the user to see other extensions in their group.

Can see group calls: Allows the user to see whenever other extensions in their group are on a call.

Show presence to group members: Displays the user's status to other members of the extension group.

Show calls to group members: Allows other extensions in the extension group to see the user's calls.

Perform operations (divert, transfer, pickup): Diverting a call will allow you divert the call to another extension when it is in the ringing phase. Transfer will allow you to transfer an active call between two extensions to another extension. Pickup will allow you to pick up a ringing call. This call will be diverted to your extension.

Can Barge in, listen or whisper: Barge In allows an extension to enter into an already ongoing telephone call and converse with both the parties in the active call. Listen allows an extension to listen in on an active call without any of the participants being aware that they are being monitored. Whisper allows an extension to enter an active call and whisper to one of the participants. For example, in a call center, the supervisor will be able to speak with their agent, instructing them what to tell the customer, without the customer being aware that someone else is on the call.

Can intercom: Gives the user the ability to intercom with another extension.

Can park calls: Gives the user the ability to park calls.

Can control IVR: Allows the user to manipulate calls which are in a Digital Receptionist.

Can manage the company phonebook: Allows an extension to Add, Remove, and Edit contacts to the company phonebook, which will be seen by everyone.

Perform receptionist operations like set status, set reminders, Assign and Clear extensions: Gives the user the ability to change the status of another extension, create and delete reminders to an extension, and assign and clear an extension's details.


Changes require 3CX management console access.



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