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CT Cloud - Troubleshooting SIP Trunk Registration Issues

Confirming There Is A Registration Issue

If the trunk is unregistered, you will typically see an alarm indicator on the Status and/or Diagnostics tab whenever you go to the SIP binding the customer is trying to use in Metaview Web:



Search for the trunk ID in SAS and make sure you have "Show advanced SIP messages" checked. You should see registration attempts being sent to Meta from the customer's network. If you are not seeing any registration attempts, ask the customer if they can force a new one while you monitor in SAS:



Whenever you view this SAS entry for the registration attempt, you will see an initial attempt that is rejected by Metaswitch with a 401 Unauthorized SIP message. This is the challenge to request the SIP registration credentials. The customer's network should then send another registration attempt and if successful, you will see Metaswitch returning a 200 OK SIP message:



Steps to Take Once Registration Issue Is Confirmed

  1. Verify that the SIP domain name is correct. It should be (trunk number)
  2. You will be unable to view the current SIP password. If you suspect a credential issue or see errors in SAS about mismatched credentials, update the SIP password field to a new one while coordinating the change with the customer so they have the correct one entered into their PBX.
  3. Confirm the customer is using the SIP username you see setup in their SIP binding.
  4. Verify SIP binding is activated. You can check this status at the bottom of the SIP binding page in Metaview Web.
  5. Verify the CFS line is enabled on the PBX object.
  6. Verify that the Media Gateway Model is set to the type of PBX the customer is using. If there is nothing in the list that matches, contact CT Cloud engineering to confirm we support the PBX.
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