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3CX Digest Trunk Configuration


How to configure 3CX Server for Digest Authentication with Cardinal Platform.

The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how to configure a 3CX Server to register with

the Cardinal platform using the SRV record as the SIP server.

First Step

  • Once logged into the 3CX server, select “VoIP Providers” from the menu on left-hand side:

3CX Digest trunk 1.png

  • Highlight the desired provider and select edit (or add if configuring a new trunk)

3CX Digest trunk 2.png

  • One the “General” tab, configure the options as shown below

3CX Digest trunk 3.png

  • On the “Advanced” tab, configure the options as show below

***Please ensure that the “Require registration for:” field is set to Outgoing Calls or outbound calls will not process***

3CX Digest trunk 4.jpg

  • On the DID tab, enter the corresponding DID and then click the "add" button

3CX Digest trunk 5.png

  • On the Source DID tab, check the checkbox for “Source identification by DID” and the click the “Add DID” button

3CX Digest trunk 6.png

  • On the box that opens, check the “select all” box and the click “OK”

3CX Digest trunk 7.png

  • To save your changes, click “Apply” and the “OK” at the bottom right-hand corner of the window

3CX Digest trunk 8.png

  • To ensure that the trunk has registered properly, choose the “Ports/Trunk Status” menu option on the menu on left-hand side of the page. The trunk you just configured should show “Registered”, as follows:

3CX Digest trunk 9.png

  • Once you have ensured that the new trunk has registered, proceed with placing both inbound and outbound test calls.
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