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CT Cloud - CT Cloud Communicator/ Password Change


Change CT Cloud Communicator (Accession) and password for a customer



Step 1: Log into Metaview using URL

Step 2: With your Credentials typically this is First initial last and the same password you use to log into the Cisco Anyconnect VPN username Auth\first initial last name with your assigned VPN password.

Step 3: In the search field, look up the DID for which you are wanting to change the CT Cloud Communicator password


Step 4: Once the number is pulled up and you have verified with the customer that you have the correct user pulled up, change the CT Cloud Communicator password under EAS Password (under the Configuration tab).  This is also their password.  (Note that for a SIP customer, Commportal passwords should always be changed directly in Connect.)


Step 5: Once new password is put into the EAS password field, click apply.


Step 6: Have the customer test to confirm that the password has been changed. If customer is still unable to log in, have them toggle off WIFI and retry. Occasionally, the WIFI prevents the user from connecting to the server.

Step 7: Congratulations, you have successfully changed the CT Cloud Communicator password for a user.


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