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CT Cloud - Metaview: Park Orbits


Provide instruction on how to create Park Orbits for CT Cloud customers.



Step 1: In Metaview, go to the business group of the customer that you need to set up Park Orbits for.

Step 2: Select the "Settings" Tab in the top left; you will then select the "Services" tab next to "Configuration".

Step 3: From here, you will browse to the drop down labeled "Call Park". You will need to click the arrow clipboard_ea251f1e051a351d7b5d568629186e18f.png on the left hand side of "Call Park".



Step 4: From the drop down select "clipboard_e4ea7268ff3c1ece764fc2e66311b1611.png". You will set this based on how many park buttons the customer is going to need. Set first orbit code to, as an example, 900 and last orbit code to 902. The last orbit code can be adjusted depending on how many park buttons the customer needs. After adding the First and Last orbit codes, select which department these park orbits will apply to. If the entire business group is going to use these park orbits, then set it to none.


Step 5: Click apply in the bottom right hand corner of the Business group when the orbits have been created


Step 6: Now you can add the park buttons in 2 different ways, depending on the customer's set up. You can either create a master phone template for all users or users in the selected departments, or you can do this one by one for each user's phones.


Master Template

Step 1. Go to BG Admin subscriber of the Business group. To find this, go to "Lines", and find any user that has a small picture of a head next to their extension. Click the green arrow on the far right to go to this subscriber.


Step 2. Once you have the subscriber pulled up, above SIP Phones at the lower left hand corner you will see a "clipboard_e310022b2eee818d89bc1e720238573af.png" option. Click on the arrow next to this to bring up multiple options and select "Open as administrator". It will open up another window in your browser.


Step 3. When in this window, on the left side under "All Lines", select "Phones". It is the 4th item down.


Step 4. What you select will depend on if the park options will be for the entire business group or for a specific department. Where it says select department at the top, leave it alone if for the entire business group.  If not, hit the drop arrow and select what department you will build this template for. Click : "Assign to Department"


Step 5. Once you have step 4 completed, find where it says "Assign phones to lines using the table below or manage your phone profiles." Put your mouse over Manage your phone profiles and click on it.


Step 6. If the customer doesn't already have a master phone profile, you will need to build it. If the customer has a master profile, then select the edit option under the picture of the phone, and proceed to the next step. If there is no phone profile here, you will need to select Create new Profile at the bottom and select the model phone the customer is using. Once you have selected the phone model, it will populate the image of the phone, and you can click Edit to get into the phone profile.

Step 7. When in the phone profile, Go to the 'Programmable Keys - Line Key" section, It should be the first section at the top of both Polycom VVX models and any Yealink model phones. These 2 phone models will be the most used.

Hit the arrow on the left to open the "Programmable Keys - Line Key' section. With this open, you will need to figure out which Line Keys to configure for park. It will depend on how many they will need/want configured. Each key will be configured the same. The only difference will be the park orbit you use.

Select the key you would like to update, and use the drop down in the first section titled "Soft Key Action". Select "Enhanced Call Park". Select which park orbit to use for the park button, and fill in the Label, example Park 1 or Park 2. Once you have done this click Save changes in the bottom right. clipboard_e1c14b01c95f24505b384f72f96780f8b.png



Step 8. For the park button changes to take effect, have the customer either reboot their phones, or the phones will automatically pull the new configuration at midnight.



Individual user templates

Step 1. Go to the subscribers you wish to configure park on. Once you have the subscriber pulled up, you will see SIP Phones at the bottom. Hit the arrow on the left side of sip phones and it will drop down.


Step 2: Click on the blue box with a green arrow on the right side of the user phone. It will take you to the phone profile section. Select edit, and follow the same process from steps 7 and 8 above.